Beat Generation Rollover of 1965

Beat Generation Rollover of 1965.

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Meditations on Death

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Tibetan Sushi

Marieke ten Wolde's blog

freeing the fish

Last week when I delivered a couple of my books to a store in Amsterdam with all sorts of things Tibetan, there was a Tibetan man, tall impressive, long hair in a fashionable bun. He was chatting with the shopkeeper about preparing food, actually preparing the fish from the tank at the shop keepers home into sushi. First jokingly then more seriously as it turned out he was running a sushi restaurant and he noticed the title of my book ‘Freeing the Fish’.
‘Freeing the Fish’ refers to the first story in my book and the practise in Lhasa for Tibetans to buy live fish in market to set them free in the river to save lives and gain merit.

We had a laugh about this coincidence and joked about his business. But the conversation turned more serious when the man who was even addressed as Rinpoche (a…

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U WIRA THU : “ဦးဝီရသူထံ Global Post မီဒီယာဂရု လာေရာက္အင္တာဗ်ဴး”

democracy for burma

Global Post သည္ ( ျဖစ္ျပီး ၎ဌာနမွ Executive Editor ႏွင့္ Vice president ျဖစ္သူ Mr. Charle M. Sennott က ဦးေဆာင္ေမးျမန္ျပီး သင္တန္းသူ သင္တန္းသားမ်ားမွ သိလိုသည္မ်ား ထပ္မံေမးေလွ်ာက္ၾကသည္။
ဗုဒၶဘာသာမွာ ဘာသာ လူမ်ဳိး မတူသူကုိ မေျပာနဲ႔ တိရစၧာန္ေတြရဲ႕ အက်ဳိးစီးပြားကိုေတာင္ ျပဳလုပ္ေပးခြင့္ ရွိပါတယ္။ ဒါကုိ ေလာကတၳစရိယ လို ေခၚပါတယ္။
မ်က္စိပိတ္ နားပိတ္ ဝါဒကုိ က်င့္သုံးသူေတြသာ ေၾကာက္စရာေကာင္းတာ (အႏၲရာယ္ႀကီးတာ)။ မ်က္စိဖြင့္ နားဖြင့္ ဝါဒကုိက်င့္သုံးတဲ့ ဘယ္ဘာသာ ဘယ္လူမ်ဳိးမဆို ေၾကာက္စရာမလိုဘူး။ (အႏၲရာယ္မရွိဘူး)။


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The Dalai Lama & Yoga Leader B.K.S. Iyengar Discussion – Paths To Happiness

Empowering Within

There are more commonalities with the Yoga & the Buddhist paths to happiness then most people are willing to accept.  B.K.S. Iyengar & the Dalai Lama discuss both practical and theoretical techniques to the path to happiness and enlightenment.  They discuss and demonstrate the differences and commonalities between Yoga Asanas and Buddhist Meditation.

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The Anapanasati Sutra

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